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The Best Movies to Watch When Bored

The best movies to watch when bored depends on your choice of the time of day and what you would like to watch. There are no strict rules about the best movies to watch, it is an individual choice, but there are some television shows and movies that you will enjoy and find amusing. So, if you are thinking about watching a movie, what are some of the best movies to watch? The list is endless, there are some great movies to watch out there that will keep you entertained for hours and I’m going to tell you about them here.

Star Wars is one of the best movies to watch when bored because it gives you many different perspectives to look at life through. Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker are great roles to play in the movie. The main story is very easy to follow and can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of their age or gender. The special effects are fantastic and you will definitely get the feeling that you are in the Star Wars universe. While it may not be as interesting as something like a Tom Cruise film, it is still a great movie to watch.

I could just go on about this film, but let me finish up with a full circle so you don’t have to think about my review any longer. It’s Rocky III and now you know where I got the idea from, Rocky Balboa is in prison and he has been given the choice to fight another day. You have to remember that the story was in the seventies and is fun and light hearted but still funny to watch. You will see more of the fighters and characters in this movie and get to see them in a whole new light. All in all, I would recommend Rocky III to anyone who wants to see a fun movie that is filled with action and comedy.