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What Are the Top 10 Bruh Moments in Your Life?

What are the top 10 Bruh moments in your life? We all have them, maybe we are just lucky enough to be spared from them. Maybe we don’t even know how many we have had! To me, it is important to keep a mental list of everything that makes me happy. This way, if one day I am sad and depressed, I can easily look back on my list and remember that it was the top ten moments that made me happy. Here is my list of top ten Bruh moments:

The first time I got my first Bumgarner jersey was in 2020. When I went down to the gate with my little sister, she started crying and it was obvious that she was in love with it. Later on, she gave it to me. It was quite heavy and probably broke after two or three days of wear. That moment, I realized that I was being my own boss and not following someone else’s rules. Another moment that deserves a mention is when my younger brother was born. I was able to get a new baby pacifier for my little brother because I thought I would die if I could not get him something that I liked.

One of the most amazing moments for me is the moment when I realized that I am in control of my emotions. It is so wonderful to look in the mirror, knowing that you do not need to feel bad about yourself to be happy. That feeling made my self-esteem soar to new heights. I have to admit that I don’t think about these moments often but when I do, I remember that they are priceless. You should try it sometime, if you don’t already. It will be a great help in your life.