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“The Amazing Top 10 Plays of the Super Bowl”

“The Amazing Top 10 Plays of the Super Bowl” by Matt Brennan and Scott Wagner is one of those entertaining videos on the Internet that isn’t really about football. It isn’t a commercial, it isn’t a big-budget production, it isn’t a professional production either. Brennan and Wagner get together to make a funny and educational video about the top 10 plays of the Super Bowl game. The guys have fun with it as they attempt to find some things to write about when writing the reviews. It has been criticized for showing the wrong plays and not always getting the other plays just right.

There are no bad things about this Top 10 Plays video, but if you want the real NFL action on a day-to-day basis, you will probably have to get yourself a copy of the great “Top Ten Plays” by Myles Simmons, Walter Jones, James Harrison, Stephen Gostkowski, Terrell Owens, Brett Favre, Richard Seymour, Reggie Wayne, Eric Weddle, C.J. Spiller, Eric Decker, Darren Sharper, Terrell Owens, Victor Cruz, and Ray Lewis. It is available to all subscribers at cost. If you subscribe for nine or more months, you get a free copy when you make your first video of the year. So if you are a fan of the NFL, then you need to subscribe to the superb “Top 10 Plays of the Super Bowl.”

The only negative about the Top Ten Plays of the Super Bowl is that it doesn’t show every play that takes place in a game. It shows, plays like the three minutes left time in Super Bowl XLII and a Packers punt that goes out of bounds. It also skips plays that don’t make it onto the top plays list, like a botched end around by a defensive back. Then there are times when the internet is interrupted and the guys do their normal routine to edit out the ad interruption so you can see the actual play. As for the quality of the video, it is top notch, and it is available to anyone who wants to subscribe to the site. I found it very interesting.