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Atlas is a curated collection of restaurant recommendations from LP’s most well-traveled, well-spoken, in-the-know friends. Poke around and come back for more—this is an ever-growing collection.

Four Restaurants in Niigata Prefecture

Where to eat in the land that's famous for good water and great rice.
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Where to Get Burgers in Tokyo

Noodles and rice are great, but sometimes you just get the itch that only a burger can scratch.
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Paris France

D’Chez Eux

A rare specialty chicken breed makes D'Chez Eux's dishes uncommonly…

Tel Aviv, Israel

Maganda Restaurant

Incredibly good chicken—and foie gras.

København N, Denmark

Ramen to Bíiru

Copenhagen has experienced a mini ramen-boom—here's one place to get…

København N, Denmark


Some of the best kebabs in Copenhagen.

Malmö, Sweden

Saltimporten Canteen

A really simple, beautiful cafeteria-style lunch counter.

Tokyo, Japan

Rakugama Seimenjyo

Speedy and delicious udon in Tokyo.

Bronx, New York

Pugsley Pizza

One of the most New York pizzerias in New York.

Niigata, Japan

Riki Sushi Sawata

Sushi from local seafood in Niigata, Japan.

Niigata, Japan


Home-style cooking in a restaurant that feels like a private home.

Niigata, Japan


A seventy-year-old restaurant that specializes in regional and seasonal dishes.

106-0031, Tokyo


This tonkatsu place sets itself apart by offering not only a choice of cuts, but also of breed and size.

Tokyo, Japan

Tonkatsu Suzuki

Suzuki is a primer on the format of tonkatsu—it should be your first stop when you arrive at the train…

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Spot Of The Day

Rome, Italy

Panificio Bonci

A straightforward bakery selling breads, prepared foods, and the best porchetta.