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Al & Bea’s

They do burritos and they do them well.


2025 East First Street
Los Angeles, California

What to order

Combination burrito

Armando De La Torre Jr is the son of Armando De La Torre Sr. Together, they own and operate five locations of Guisados, a beloved taqueria with roots in Boyle Heights.  

Al & Bea’s is a Boyle Heights standby; they celebrated their fiftieth anniversary a few years ago. Some of my earliest memories are of coming to work with my father at his office in the neighborhood and coming here for lunch. You see a lot of families, and it’s right next to a youth center, so there are a lot of students too. It’s just a great neighborhood restaurant.

My pops and I still go here pretty often for the combination burrito with beef, beans, and cheese. It’s very simple, and the flavors are all there. Ask for a side of salsa, which is hot (not spicy hot, but hot like the temperature of soup), and put a little on each bite as you eat.

Al & Bea’s has also had a bit of an influence on Guisados. They primarily focus on burritos, and we wanted that same focus with Guisados, but on tacos. Do one thing and do it well.