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A huge Lebanese restaurant that always turns into a party.



304 North Brand Boulevard
Glendale, CA

What to order

Hafleh Beiruti or the Lebanese banquet feast

Carousel in Glendale is fucking awesome. It’s a huge Lebanese restaurant with chandeliers and faux-marble arches and murals. You go in and order the Hafleh Beiruti, or, if you have a lot of people, you get the Lebanese banquet menu—both are a set price. First they bring you all the mezze, and then you get the sujuk, a spicy sausage, which they flambé at your table. Next comes the kibbeh—basically bulgur fritters filled with beef or lamb—and fried cheese pastries and your main course, which in the banquet menu is filet mignon kebab, chicken kebab, ground beef kebab, and a big thing of rice and bulgur. When you order the big banquet menu, they’ll bring out quail and steak tartare too. The food is consistently good, and the service is great. It’s one of the only places I don’t get tired of.

If you go on a Friday or Saturday there is a belly-dancing show, and it always turns into a party. It feels like a wedding. Just order a bucket of Almaza, the Lebanese beer, and some arak, and you’re set. You need reservations for the show, but if you want to go in and eat casually you can go for lunch, and the prices are a little cheaper.