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Four Restaurants in Niigata Prefecture

Where to eat in the land that's famous for good water and great rice.


Niigata Prefecture is Japan’s snow country, famous for good water and better rice—the koshihikari variety is particularly prized. Niigata’s water and rice also make for great sake; there are ninety sake breweries in Niigata, more than any other prefecture in Japan, including breweries like Manotsuru, Koshi no Kanbai, Midori Kawa, Koshino Kagetora,Takachiyo to name a few. Niigata is also blessed with what’s referred to as Umi no Sachi, Yama no Sachi: good food from the ocean and good food from the mountains. Everything I tried was delicious; it’s definitely worth taking the three-hour bullet train ride out of Tokyo to Niigata just to eat and drink.


A seventy-year-old restaurant that specializes in regional and seasonal dishes.

Soba Mozem

An excellent spot for soba in a restored farmhouse.

Riki Sushi Sawata

Sushi from local seafood in Niigata, Japan.


Home-style cooking in a restaurant that feels like a private home.