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The Lucky Peach Guide to Los Angeles

Where you should eat in the best eating city in America.


I agree with my friends at Lucky Peach. Los Angeles is the best eating city in America. But for those who visit our sprawling metropolis, and sometimes for those of us who live here, deciding where to eat can be overwhelming. So I talked to the some of the people who make this food scene so great—the farmers’ market vendors, the taqueria owners, and many more—to find out where they go off the clock.


Beef tartare and ribs with a Southeast Asian twist.

Tire Shop Taqueria

A magical taco assembly line of grills and folding tables set up under two pop-up tents.

Jeon Ju Restaurant

Where Kiernan Shipka gets her bibimbap fix.


Sandwiches and salads and a side of poetry.

Paco’s Tacos

Mexican food before it was regionalized, personalized, and cooked by the young and hip.

Honey Hi

Want spirulina and chlorella in your mint-chip smoothie? Kiernan Shipka knows just the spot.

Parks Barbeque

Some of the best Korean barbecue in LA.

Chichén Itzá

A great spot for Yucatecan food tucked away in a cool mercado.

Pacific Dining Car

The best railcar-themed steakhouse with mediocre food.

La Oaxaqeña Taco Truck

Become a tlayuda convert at this Venice taco truck.


Is there anything more LA than an incredible sushi restaurant in an old chili bowl?

El Tepeyac Cafe

Mexican breakfast done right.

Mini Kabob

The best kabobs in all of Glendale.

Hatchet Hall

Pure Southern comfort.

Al & Bea’s

They do burritos and they do them well.

The 101 Coffee Shop

Brownie batter in a waffle iron, enough said.


Jessica Koslow's pick for vegetarian Indian food.