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One Perfect Day of Eating in Brooklyn

Your guide to the Real Brooklyn Experience.


So you, weary traveler, have found yourself in Brooklyn, land of faded tattoos and brownstones and bespoke everything, and you are hungry and perhaps a little thirsty, and you’d rather not fall into the trap of a run-of-the-mill Edison-lightbulbed establishment where they don’t even massage the kale. You’re here for the Real Brooklyn Experience, not the post-irony, post-hipster, post-quality replicas that abound around the country.

So start by puttering around Williamsburg, which used to be edgy and now has a Whole Foods and an Apple Store. In the early hours, the aging-rocker dads and your fellow tourists haven’t fully infiltrated. Then head south toward leafy Fort Greene and its environs—you could dip down to Prospect Park or the Brooklyn Museum or over to the ever-thrilling New York Transit Museum between feeding sessions—for a calmer afternoon-to-evening. Tomorrow, if you like, you can buy yourself one of those bespoke pageboy caps you’ve been eyeing.


A Japanese breakfast that will leave you floating, not sagging.


Sandwiches made by a certified genius.

Bien Cuit

One of the best bakeries in Brooklyn.


The neighborhood restaurant we all dream of.

The Long Island Bar

A bar where the food is as good as the drinks.