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A Guide to the Sanctuary Bars of Tokyo

Where to drink—and get away.


Most people associate Tokyo with the frenetic hustle of Shibuya and Ginza, but there’s much more to the city if you know where to go. I’ve compiled a list of Tokyo sanctuaries: the bars you visit alone and pray that there are no other tourists around. Each one has a different angle, a different reason for visiting. But there remain constants at all of them: your phone stays in your pocket and you order something classic. Tokyo is a city of endless drinking possibilities; these are the places that I’ve kept to myself—until now.

Ben Fiddich

This bar has cocktails made with home-grown herbs, and an excellent whiskey selection.

Bar Martha

They don't allow phones or photos, but this bar has amazing Moscow mules and whiskey highballs.

Gen Yamamoto

The most talked about Tokyo bar, with locally-sourced, highly-seasonal ingredients.

Bar Radio

This Tokyo spot has a glassware collection that rivals its liquor cabinet.


A bar made for the true night owl.