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The Specialists of Shanghai

When you need crab, duck, or noodles, go to these places.

You can carve the Chinese restaurants in Shanghai up a million ways: by the region of their cuisine, by how traditional or modern they are, by how obvious it will be to your guests that you are spending a lot of money on them (and so they better agree to that business deal / marriage / job offer).

Another classification is by how specialized they are. There are restaurants that do (or are only good at) just one type of regional noodle, or have a very specific method for preparing their duck, or do crayfish and little else. It’s not the fanatical Japanese approach to achieve perfection but it does result in a restaurant landscape of one-dish wonders. 

Not much ties these places together except that they are specialists in what they do and that they are about a ten-minute walk from People’s Square, the center of Shanghai.

Xiao Jin Ling Yan Shui Ya Dian

Cured duck is one of the best snacks in the city.

Xin Guang Jiu Jia

When it's hairy crab season in Shanghai, go here.