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What to Eat in Tokyo When You’re Not Eating Ramen

Six of Ivan Orkin’s Tokyo favorites.


In the past, we’ve tapped Ivan Orkin, chef of Ivan Ramen, to share his favorite five ramen shops in Tokyo. But there’s more to Tokyo than ramen, of course, and Ivan is our go-to when we need recommendations for where to eat when we’re there. Now, we’re sharing his list now of places to eat when you’re not eating ramen. With all of these recs, it must be noted that having someone make the reservation for you is important, as no one speaks English. It’s easiest to go with a fixed menu, which most provide anyway.

Kiraku Tei

A restaurant specializing in seafood, with some of the best sake in Tokyo.

Sushi Teru

A tiny, cozy sushi bar completely unlike anything you'll find in the US.

Yama no ue Hotel (Hill Top Hotel)

Don't leave Tokyo without visiting this famous hotel with fantastic tempura.


Go here for heartwarming comfort food.


A take on Western food from a cutting-edge restaurant owner.

Masa’s Kitchen 47

Tokyo has the most elegant Chinese food.