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Sandwiches and salads and a side of poetry.



1549 Echo Park Avenue
Los Angeles, California

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Robin Koda is part of the Koda Farms family, owners of California’s oldest family-owned and -operated rice farm and mill. You can find her selling her Kokuho Rose rice at farmers’ markets around California.

I spend a boatload of time in my pickup truck running our heirloom rice from my family’s farm in the San Joaquin Valley to farmers’ markets, but when I do stop for nourishment, it’s usually at Cookbook in Echo Park. It’s less a restaurant than a highly curated greengrocer and mini-marketplace with sandwiches and salads.

Marta and Robert, the owners, are extraordinary individuals. I love what they do with their produce, which is all sourced on their regular runs through LA farmers’ markets, and all their other carefully selected ingredients. It’s always a treat to look in the fridges and discover something new. You can’t go wrong because all the ingredients are top-notch, but do get there before noon for the best selection.

Their Sunday newsletter includes the forthcoming weekly menu but always begins with some poetry. How beautiful is that? Their palette of fresh quality ingredients with a lovely side of poetry always sates my appetite and nourishes my soul.