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Dai Due

Once you've had your fill of barbecue, tacos, and queso, come here for wild boar.



2406 Manor Rd
Austin, TX 78722

What to order

wild boar boudin, Gulf shrimp and oyster albondigas, banana pudding

You’ve already had barbecue and tacos and queso. What’s next on your Austin food agenda? Wild boar. Head over to chef Jesse Griffiths’s butcher shop and central Texas meat playground Dai Due, where everything from the wine to the olive oil to the oysters to the giant slabs of wood-fired beef are sourced from the area.

And before you start thinking this is some standard figs-on-a-plate California farm-to-table knockoff, know that inspiration for the dishes is often drawn from the region as well. Recent specials have included Gulf shrimp and oyster albondigas, wild boar boudin made with liver and heart, and banana pudding made from, you guessed it, local bananas. (Did you even know bananas grew in Texas? I didn’t.)