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Dirty Bourbon Dance Hall and Saloon

The best place to get a stiff drink, listen to country music, and learn some line dancing while you're at it.



9800 Montgomery Boulevard NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico

What to order

whiskey ginger.

The Dirty Bourbon is a cavernous bar in a strip mall devoted to getting its patrons loaded and moving their feet to country music. There is a huge dance floor set several feet below the rest of the room, with the effect that all eyes are on the two-stepping and line dancing. The dance floor is flanked on two sides by efficiently staffed fifty-foot bars, but it’s more about the vibe than beverage nerdery: there’s no tome of a whiskey list, but they will make you a strong whiskey ginger or happily hand you a cold beer in a can. And those vibes are good—it’s the kind of place where strangers end up dancing together, especially early. And don’t fret if you don’t know the steps. There are weekly line dancing and two-stepping classes, but choosing a perch to watch the action on the floor and then joining in when you’ve figure out the rhythm of things (or just drunk enough to give it a shot) is an education on its own.