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El Tepeyac Cafe

Mexican breakfast done right.



812 North Evergreen Avenue
Los Angeles, CA

What to order

Machaca and eggs

Armando De La Torre Jr is the son of Armando De La Torre Sr. Together, they own and operate five locations of Guisados, a beloved taqueria with roots in Boyle Heights.  

El Tepeyac Cafe, in Boyle Heights, is an institution of this Mexican-American neighborhood and a longtime favorite of my family. We used to come here every Sunday after church for breakfast. It’s like a diner both in layout, with a long counter you can sit at, and in the sense that they do Mexican breakfast really well. My father and I still frequent the place. He usually gets bacon and eggs over easy, but the machaca is my favorite. It’s shredded beef with tomatoes, onions, cilantro, eggs, and melted cheese. They serve it with rice and beans and tortillas.

They also have something called Manuel’s Special, which is a giant, five-pound burrito. My dad would order it before I’d go back to college, and we’d split it between five people. That burrito is nothing to mess with.