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Fonda Margarita

The ideal Mexican breakfast.



Adolfo Prieto 1364B
Del Valle, Benito Juárez, Ciudad de México

What to order

chicharrón en verde, refritos con huevo, bistec en pasilla

Fonda Margarita has all the makings of an ideal Mexican breakfast: chicharrón en verde, bistec en pasilla, hot tortillas, and fresh salsas. But my pick is refritos con huevo, or the “bean-and-egg thing,” essentially a quenelle of eggs scrambled with lots of lard, freckled with refried black beans. It looks about as appetizing as drain blockage but a spoonful, wrapped in a corn tortilla, and a sprinkle of salsa, is heavenly. Get there early to grab one and a cup of cinnamon-sweet café de olla—Fonda Margarita is only open from five-thirty to eleven a.m. or twelve p.m.