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Hatchet Hall

Pure Southern comfort.



12517 West Washington Boulevard
Los Angeles,CA

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Along with his siblings, Alex Weiser operates Weiser Family Farms in Tehachapi, California. You can find him peddling potatoes and other vegetables at most any Los Angeles farmers’ market.

Hatchet Hall is pure Southern comfort. Brian Dunsmoor, the chef, and Jonathan Strader, the general manager, are really down to earth and welcoming. And the food is down-home cooking, but Brian is really thoughtful about it. There is a story behind every dish, and he always cooks with the seasons. Everyone who works here has been to my farm several times—they feel like family.

I love the wood-fired cooking, but everything on the menu is amazing. Of course I have to plug the beef-fat potatoes. I grow the potatoes! But they really are so good. Their pork chop is from my farmers’-market neighbor Peads & Barnetts, and they always have a whole grilled fish. The cornbread is good, too, and the Benton’s ham plate—just thinking about it makes me want to go there.

They source the best ingredients, and I like that I run into other farmers and chefs when I eat there. It’s a really happening place, but the problem is that you don’t want to leave. You eat dinner there and then you go to the whiskey bar in the back. I know there is a couch upstairs in the office too—I’ve threatened that I might sleep on it someday.