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Jeon Ju Restaurant

Where Kiernan Shipka gets her bibimbap fix.



2716 West Olympic Boulevard, Suite 101
Los Angeles, California

What to order

No. 6 (namul dolsot bibimbap)

You may know Kiernan Shipka as Sally Draper on Mad Men, but we know her as a passionate lover of bibimbap.

I’ve been going to Jeon Ju a couple of times a week lately. Whenever my friends and I are deciding where to get dinner, I always circle back to it because it’s not fussy and it’s incredibly delicious. To start, they are very generous with the banchan. Their bibimbap is a fantastic thing: crispy rice, tons of veggies, kimchi, and plenty of gochujang. There are a few variations of the bibimbap, but I always go with the no. 6, which is the vegetarian version. It’s simple, but something about the heat and the crunch of the rice mixed with the funkiness of the fermented cabbage and the mountain of fresh vegetables is so comforting. I could have it every night and never get tired of it.