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La Oaxaqeña Taco Truck

Become a tlayuda convert at this Venice taco truck.



Lincoln Boulevard & Rose Street
Venice, California

What to order

Quesillo tlayuda

No one knows what Gillian Ferguson does, but we think it’s food-related?

I go here once a week. My order is the same every time: one quesillo tlayuda, extra salsa, and an order of rice and beans. It comes with a side of pickled carrots, onions, and jalapeños, all tied up in a small plastic bag.

The tlayuda is a thin, cracker-like disc of masa the size of a manhole and arrives slathered with black bean paste, shredded cabbage, sliced radishes, and a mess of Mexican string cheese on top. I save the rice and beans for lunch the next day, chop up the pickles, and add leftover salsa and a fried egg. It’s two meals for under twelve dollars, which is about the cost of two coffees at most places nearby.

The service is always friendly, and you can call ahead for to-go orders. I don’t know where the truck parks during the day, but every night from six p.m. to twelve a.m., you can find it on the corner of Lincoln and Rose in Venice.