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Mapo Galbi

Dave Chang's favorite restaurant to eat at in the world.


1008 S St Andrews Pl
Los Angeles, CA

What to order

Three orders (or however many you need) of chicken

Sometimes I honestly think Mapo Galbi in Koreatown is my favorite restaurant to eat at in the world. There’s probably twelve tables, and each has a huge cast iron skillet on it. They start by roasting off sweet potatoes, cabbage, and onions, and then they give you a salad with buttermilk dressing, seaweed salad, and some white kimchi. Nosh on that.

Then you say, “We want three orders of chicken.” And then they cook this marinated chicken in the pan, and add hot sauce and some sesame leaves and other greens, and it cooks down, and all of that stuff gets beautiful in the bottom of the pan and is super sweet and delicious, and you have all these different texture combinations. Then, after you finish all of that, they throw rice into the pan, and you have fried rice.

My favorite mandoo spot in the world is across the street, but I’m rarely hungry enough afterward to go and eat there.