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Mini Kabob

The best kabobs in all of Glendale.



313 Vine Street
Glendale, CA

What to order


Wes Avila is the chef and owner of Guerrilla Tacos. Perhaps you want to read his opinions on fine dining

Mini Kabob is easy to miss: it’s tucked in a suburban area, right across the street from an auto body shop. When you walk in, it’s just one counter. The wife cooks and the husband schmoozes. He’s always like, “Ooooh, I have the best kabobs in all of Glendale.” He’ll tell you that you have to have the eggplant caviar, and then he’ll sell you a tarragon soda.

It’s fresh. It’s bomb. They’ve got an Instagram, and the pictures are really good. Follow them, and it’ll make you go there.