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Pacific Dining Car

The best railcar-themed steakhouse with mediocre food.



1310 West Sixth Street
Los Angeles, CA

What to order

Gin martini, shrimp cocktail

No one knows what Gillian Ferguson does, but we think it’s food-related?

LA has a lot of great restaurants that serve mediocre food. Pacific Dining Car in Downtown LA is one of them. It’s been around since 1921, and it’s open twenty-four hours, which is a small miracle in this town.

If I were single, I’d take all my dates here. It feels like a movie set—if the movie were a railcar-themed steakhouse. There are a bunch of different rooms, some with wood paneling and gold-framed still lifes, and others with floral wallpaper and leather armchairs. The bar room has forest-green walls and booths made private by velvet curtains. If there are windows anywhere in the restaurant, I’ve never noticed them.

I always order a gin martini. It’s that kind of place. The shrimp cocktail is pretty good, but it’ll cost you thirty-six dollars for four jumbo shrimp. The prices will make you laugh out loud, but you’re paying to go back in time.