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Panificio Bonci

A straightforward bakery selling breads, prepared foods, and the best porchetta.


Via Trionfale 36
Rome, Italy

What to order

Pizza con la porchetta, Pizza con la mortazza

Following the success of Pizzarium, his landmark pizza-by-the-slice joint, Gabriele Bonci opened this bakery in a residential neighborhood just a short walk from the Vatican walls. (You’ll recognize Rome’s most famous baker from this video Italian photographer Gabriele Stabile made last year.) While Pizzarium is creative and contemporary by Roman standards, Panificio Bonci is a straightforward bakery selling breads, prepared foods, and (some days) porchetta.

Visit for pizza con la porchetta, a sandwich that uses Bonci’s crispy and liberally salted pizza bianca as a vessel for sliced roasted pork made by pork master Vito Bernabei. Porchetta is a common sandwich filling in Rome, but Bernabei’s version, made with pigs from Le Marche and finished at his shop in nearby Marino, is the finest expression of this simple food.

The clerk slices open pizza bianca and layers one side with pieces from a porchetta trunk displayed on the counter, each slice trimmed with fat and spices. The pork-filled pizza Bianca gets warmed in the oven until the bread is crisp and the porchetta fat begins to melt into its crevices. The bakery is cramped, so take your pizza con la porchetta outside and savor the most perfect Roman sandwich. If you’re not lucky enough to find porchetta at Panificio—Bernabei doesn’t produce a huge number of them, so supply is limited—mortadella makes a fine substitute.