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Paper Dosa

Stop here for an excellent South Indian dinner.



551 W Cordova Rd
Santa Fe, New Mexico

What to order

dahi vada, dosa, Godfather Lager

Paper Dosa is as excellent a South Indian restaurant as you’ll find anywhere. It’s the perfect food for a city full of wealthy Prius-driving lefties who have retired to a quiet life of yoga and desert sunsets. They flock here for thoughtful, virtuous dishes like the dahi vada, lentil cakes drowned in chutney-streaked yogurt, and the namesake dish, which shows up hilariously larger than its plate, airy and crispy and perfect. But if all the virtue starts to feel oppressive, go ahead and get semi-bombed on Godfather Lager, from Jammu and Kashmir, which comes in a twenty-two-ounce bottle and tastes like malt liquor, in a good way.