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Ramen to Bíiru

Copenhagen has experienced a mini ramen-boom—here's one place to get worthy noodles.



Griffenfeldsgade 28
København N, Denmark

What to order

Spicy miso ramen, ramen beer

When I told a friend in Copenhagen that I liked the ramen at Ramen to Bíiru, she frowned and told me that it wasn’t her favorite and then explained why her spot was much better. This sort of debate didn’t exist in Copenhagen until recently. A mini ramen-boom has brought a handful of very decent shops to various corners of the city. Good news for people like me, who used to visit Denmark and find my cravings for Asian noodles pushing me near madness by the end of a weeklong trip.

Anyway, even if Ramen to Bíiru isn’t the unanimous favorite in town, it’s a ramen shop run by the venerable Danish microbrewery Mikkeller with the Japanese restaurant Bento—an idea that will send certain nerds into instant ecstasy. The noodles aren’t exactly the perfectly chewy specimens you find in Tokyo, but the soup is hot and rich and tasty. Plus, the brewery came up with a “ramen” beer (brewed to accompany ramen, not to taste like it) that they serve in tall frosty mugs. Hard not to like that. Should you find yourself wandering around on a gray, drizzly day in Copenhagen, there aren’t many better places to duck in and shake off the chill.