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Saltimporten Canteen

A really simple, beautiful cafeteria-style lunch counter.



Grimsbygatan 24
Malmö, Sweden

What to order

whatever they’re selling

Hot damn, every city needs one of these: a really simple, beautiful cafeteria-style lunch counter with two dishes on offer each day (one vegetarian, one not). You walk up, slice yourself a chunk of bread, pick up your lunch, pay, and seat yourself at a big communal table. The day I visited, the day’s carnivorous offering was a bowl of pork curry topped with long, wide ribbons of shaved kohlrabi. It was outrageously good, worth making the hour-long train ride out to Malmö from Copenhagen just to try. The one drawback to Saltimporten is that it isn’t really near anything—it’s located in an old salt-importer’s warehouse on a shipping dock. But the path back into town is pleasant and charming and just far enough to walk off the finest lunch on this side of the Øresund Strait.