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Torre Latinoamericana

Terrible cocktails, amazing view.



Eje Central Lázaro Cárdenas 2, Centro Histórico,
Ciudad de México, Mexico

What to order

beer, gin and tonics

One of the best places in DF for a drink has some of the worst drinks. That place is the bar at tippy top of the Torre Latinoamericana, one of the city’s tallest buildings. It’s three floors below the observation deck, which you have to pay to visit. But if you go into the building ask the doorman for “el bar” or “el restaurant,” he will shuffle you into an alternative elevator away from mass of tourists buying tickets. You ride up like a special guest, then transfer to an even smaller elevator, before being released to the best views of the city all for the price of a beer. The cocktails and food are terrible, so stick to beer or gin and tonics. The expanse of the most populous city in North America is a jaw-dropper and even the bathrooms have incredible views.