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Triangular portions of pizza bianca, stuffed with savory dishes.


Via Giovanni Branca 88
Rome, Italy

What to order

Pollo alla cacciatora, panna (burrata and anchovies) or Polpetta al sugo

Stefano Callegari’s Trapizzino sells triangular portions of pizza bianca (far thicker and with a much fluffier crumb than Roscioli’s or Bonci’s versions) stuffed with savory dishes like pollo alla cacciatora, doppio panna, and polpetta al sugo. These trapizzini, so-called because they are made from pizza dough yet resemble the tri-cornered tramezzino sandwich, were invented by Callegari in 2008 to deliver southern Italian flavors in an economical, portable form. They are toasted before filling, creating a crispy exterior to contain the fillings’ sauces and juices. Pro tip: Tonda, Callegari’s Neapolitan-style pizzeria also serves trapizzini.