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Vanessa’s Dumpling House

Food that will arrive quickly, but isn't a shitty dollar slice.



310 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, New York

What to order

sesame pancake sandwich

Bedford Avenue can be an awful, exhausting place, particularly at its busiest, most touristy hours. If you’ve been running errands or shopping or drinking, you may find yourself in dire need of food that will arrive to you quickly and cheaply but isn’t a shitty slice of dollar pizza. Luckily you have Vanessa’s to come to your rescue!

Here is what you do: order a beer if you need one. Get yourself a sesame pancake sandwich with whatever kind of insides you prefer; I prefer the tofu. Sip your beer while you wait; snoop around to see if there’s a free table to rest your weary little feet or whatever part of you is weary. When your sandwich is ready, open it up and locate the nearest bottle of black vinegar and douse the insides of the sandwich with the stuff. Add some Sriracha, too. Close it back up, then scarf the bready crunchy soft oily thing, then be happy.