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How to Build an Egg Snowman

Perhaps the best way to improve on the boiled egg.


People have found a lot of ways to improve upon the boiled egg. You can devil it, pickle it, marinate it in soy sauce and mirin, encase it in sausage and fry it. But Pinterest’s favorite way to improve upon the modest snack standby is just to make the egg more adorable and less edible. The goal with many of these is to manhandle the egg until you’re not sure whose sweat is yours and whose sweat is the egg’s, and then cover it in cute garnishes. We’ve got amazing egg rabbits, egg mushrooms, and troubling Santa eggs that appear to have frosting on them.

If you can make an egg look like a small furry mammal, you can make an egg look like a pile of snow that’s been molded to look like a man. These egg snowmen are seasonally appropriate, made from ingredients you probably already have in the refrigerator, and best of all, they’re Paleo! And yes, we did have to Google “are carrots Paleo” for this. Your gluten-free six-year-old, Aiden, will love them.


—Hard-boiled eggs (each snowman will require two)

1. Boil an even number of eggs for about 10 minutes. Let them cool, then peel them and slice a bit off the top and bottom of each egg so that they will sit flat.

2. Peel a carrot and slice a few rounds: each egg snowman hat will consist of one larger round slice topped with a slightly smaller round slice. Use the remainder of the carrot to slice a tiny sliver of a nose for each of your eggs.

3. Stack the eggs on top of each other in sets of twos, using a toothpick in each one to keep the eggs together. Then, add two peppercorn eyes to each egg face (for a Halloween craft, stop here).

4. Add the carrot hats, noses, peppercorn buttons, and parsley arms, and your eggy snowman is complete. Now it’s time to delight the party guests who have just been sitting in your living room in silence this whole time.

What we learned:

Eggs are so sweaty. Every time we tried to move them around the wooden serving board, they left behind gross little round sweat patches. Why do they sweat so much?