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Hot Dog Cupcakes

Perfect for Labor Day.

It’s impossible to say exactly how it happened—when we decided as a collective conscious that Labor Day would be inextricably connected to grilling meats. But here we are. History has made its decision, and the celebration of the labor movement will forever be synonymous with an enthusiasm for preparing hamburgers, smoked pork, and hot dogs for no intelligible reason.

If you don’t eat meat, or just want more hot dogs to go with your hot dogs, try these tiny grill-shaped cupcakes to impress your guests this Labor Day weekend.


1 box chocolate cake mix and all ingredients the recipe calls for
+ a cupcake tin lined with paper liners or sprayed with cooking spray
+ chocolate frosting from a can
+ some black frosting in a small Ziploc bag
+ Hot Tamales


Bake your cupcakes according to the directions on the box. Your guests will be fine with cupcakes from a box as long as they remind them of meat.

Frost each cupcake with a generous scoop of chocolate frosting. Cut a tiny hole in the corner of your Ziploc bag and pipe a thin circle around the surface of each cupcake.Add stripes through the center of the circle to form grates for your grill.

Throw some dogs on the grill. Not actual dogs—hot dogs! Not ACTUAL hot dogs—Hot Tamales®!

Use your piping bag to make some teeny tiny grill marks on each Hot Tamale.

What We Learned:

Making tiny hot dog cupcakes is harder than just grilling a regular hot dog.