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How to Give Your Hot Dogs a Manicure

Practice makes perfect.

Food styling and nail art have a lot in common. They both require steady hands and attention to detail, and they have the same end goal: getting a lot of Instagram likes. So there’s really no reason why they shouldn’t be combined into one spectacle. More specifically, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give your hot dogs a manicure.

We first got the idea of painting our little hot dog fingers when writer Sarah Hagi tweeted out two side-by-side photos of plump hot dogs with French tips. (Designer Marco Land pioneered the concept last year on Instagram.)

They were beautiful.

Now, we’ve done a lot of unspeakable things to hot dogs. We’ve cut them up and turned them into a Christmas tree. We’ve sliced and boiled them until they looked like octopi. We’ve used them as wedding toppers on a sloppy meat cake. And yes, we’ve dressed them up like Disney princesses.

This was just the inspiration we needed to take our favorite medium to the next level.


Veggie dogs (or hot dogs)
Acrylic nails
Nail polish
Ketchup (a lot)

1. Arrange your hot dogs to look like long, graceful fingers with perfectly firm, youthful skin, delicately resting on top of one another. Set a nail on the end of each one. So inspiring to see what a hand would look like without any knuckles.

2. Using a contrasting color of nail polish, paint some half-moons at the base of each nail. Now, go nuts with decals. Put a pentagram on there. How about a rainbow diamond? Slap a “Cutie!” on there too. Hot dogs ARE little cuties, and they deserve to know it.

3. By now, you’re probably getting pretty hungry. Here’s where it gets exciting. Transfer your hot dog hands to a plate, and pour ketchup all over them liberally. Serve at room temperature. Don’t actually eat this though, because nail polish and acrylic nails are (probably) poisonous.

What we learned:

It’s SO much easier to paint a hot dog’s nails than it is to paint your own. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to paint nails, or if you want to try out some new designs, try practicing on a hot dog first. It will give you a lot of confidence when it comes to the real deal. And the hot dogs will appreciate it too.