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Issue #4

American Food

The fourth issue of Lucky Peach covers American Food—if not comprehensively, at least enthusiastically.

We’ve got David Simon, creator of The Wire andTreme, remembering his father via pickles and cream; a meeting of America’s most celebrated food minds—LA’s Jonathan Gold and New York’s Robert Sietsema—discussing “American cuisine” over Kansas City barbecue; writer/producer/director Brian Koppelman letting us in on what Diner means to him; an illustrated look into sushi in the USA; and a “Choose Your Own Adventure”-style hunt for tacos through Texas and California. And if you’ve ever wanted to make your own mortadella, seaweed burger, or monkfish tripe, you’re in luck: we’ve got recipes from Marco Canora, Wylie Dufresne, and Jonathan Benno to guide the way.

In This Issue

From the Editors

David Chang & Chris Ying
American Cuisine, Whatever That Is Peter Meehan, Jonathan Gold, and Robert Sietsema

Voyage of the Taco Belles

Courtney McBroom & Alison Roman
Swan Oyster Depot Chris Ying & Drew Alitzer
No Reservations David Treur
Kmerican Food Richard Parks

Lucky Peach on Diner

Peter Meehan

At the Diner

Brian Koppelman

Anthony Bourdain and Elvis Mitchell (E)At the Movies

Anthony Bourdain & Elvis Mitchell

A Feast for the Eyes

Elvis Mitchell
The Schmitter Tom Lax

Harold McGee in Outré Space

Harold McGee

American Microbial Terroir

Ben Wolfe


Steve Keen

We Waited As Long As We Could

Daniel Patterson

Someone Has to Bring Home the Bacon

Bob Nickas

Defrosted Foods

John Gall


John Haskell

A Modest Proposal

Nozlee Samadzadeh
Knives Out Matthew Rudofker
Photo-Op Food Jonathan Prince


Marc Maron

Love, Love, and Ale-8

Douglas Wolk

Pickles and Cream

David Simon

Sushi, USA

Lauren Weinstein