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Issue #6


Lucky Peach Issue 6, the Apocalypse issue, considers our imminent End Times.

The issue’s split into two parts: pre-and post-apocalypse. Michael Pollan talks problems (mostly self-inflicted) and solutions (hint: it involves cooking). We spend a day with Bren Smith of Thimble Island Oysters, a sustainable 3D ocean farm. We offer tips on how to stock your bomb shelter and the low-down on MREs. Part two fast forwards to the End itself: overfished oceans, zombie takeovers, and werebeavers. Magnus Nilsson fashions a frankenchicken in 2034; Ted Nugent schools us on how to survive (eat your pets, use your weapons); Tartine’s Chad Robertson shows us how to bake bread in a postapocalyptic “oven.” You’ll learn how to make butter (start with a cow) and harvest honey (be careful!). Plus: what’s your sign? Sustainability horoscopes show what’s in store.


In This Issue

Note from The Editor

Peter Meehan

The End of the World As We Know It

Michael Pollan
On Cans Harold McGee
Recipe: Canadian Spam Derek Dammann
I Placed a Jar in Tennessee John Jeremiah Sullivan

Losing Ground

Sarah Laskow

Apocalypse Q&A: Epidemiologist

Amanda Kludt

Granny Pantries

Anne Wheeler

Recipe: Pecan Pralinella

Courtney McBroom

Materials Resembling Edibles

Joy Y. Wang

Seafarming At The End Of The World

Peter Meehan
Recipe: Pollution Massimo Bottura

Shelf Life

Sandor Katz

Dinner With The Mayans

Gabe Ulla

Seeking Shelter

Lloyd Kahn

The Tandoor

Bill Cotter

Sustainability Horoscopes

Nina Bai

The Apocalypse

Josh Cochran, Robyn O'Neil, and Scott Teplin

After the End

Anthony Bourdain

Apocalypse Q&A: Ted Nugent

Laurie Woolever

Left Behind

Benjamin Wolfe

Recipes: Braaaaaiiiiinnsss

Recipe: Armaeggdon Mark Ibold

Apocalypse Q&A: Beekeeper

Jamie Feldmar

Recipes: Jellyfish


Bomb Appétit

Alex Wellerstein

Foraging With Dummies


Recipes: Making Something Out Of Nothing


Last Supper

Chris Adrian & John Crowley