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Issue #5


Lucky Peach Issue 5 is all about Chinatown, and what happens when Chinese food leaves the motherland.

Just east of LA, Tim & Eric‘s Tim Wareheim eats his way through the San Gabriel Valley; in New York, Gideon Lewis-Kraus seeks out the seedier side of Chinatown; in London, Fuchsia Dunlop hunts for Chinese food (the real stuff); and in San Francisco, Jonathan Kauffman wonders why Asian vegetables are so cheap. Plus, Harold McGee brews fresh rice wine with magical white balls and Dave Chang makes a case for why Chinese restaurant service is superior in basically every way. Also: why we love crab rangoon and hate walnut prawns, a short history of the soy/mustard/duck-sauce trifecta, a how-to on Chinese drinking games, and chow mein around the world.

In This Issue

Editors Note

David Chang


Bei Dao

Chinatown, Real and Imagined

Gideon Lewis-Kraus
Crab Rangoon Peter Meehan
Pro Choys Jonathan Kauffman

Dead Heads

Anthony Bourdain

Recipe: Chinese Turkey

Peter Meehan & Ryan Miller

Harold McGee in Outré Space

Harold McGee

Recipes: Eating What Chinese People Eat

Danny Bowien

Walnut Prawns

Chris Ying
London Town Fuchsia Dunlop
Renaissance Yan Kevin Pang

A Local Accent

Bei Dao

Catskill Fix

Peter Meehan
Takeout Trifecta Rachel Khong

Chow Meinia

The World

Woking The Suburbs

Hua Hsu & Jill Greenberg

Chinatown, Vancouver, BC

Rachell Sumpter

A Word From Down Under

Pat Nourse

La Chinesca

Salvador Plascencia

The Mother of All Cuisine

Syd Finch

Gaming At Winnie's

Rosie Schaap


Bei Dao

Transnational Period

Bei Dao

Asparagus, Potatoes, Cherries

Rachel Khong

Supreme Cloud Ear

Nelly Reifler

Lancaster, PA

Mark Ibold