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Issue #9

Cooks & Chefs II

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By popular demand, Lucky Peach Issue 9 is our second Cooks & Chefs issue—aka Cooks & Chefs 2.0: once more, with feeling.

Francis Lam pays a visit to the lauded but elusive Alex Lee; Peter Meehan talks life (and how it happens to a cook) with legendary pastry chef Claudia Fleming. Daniel Boulud and Michael Anthony school us in the art of omelet-making. Pulitzer-prize-winning writer Jonathan Gold and funny-as-hell artist Lisa Hanawalt hop on board as new columnists. And there’s a magazine inside the magazine, like a Russian nesting doll: with content culled from René Redzepi’s annual MAD food conference, which Lucky Peach had the honor of co-curating. The theme, this year, was Guts, both literal and figurative. We heard from an array of speakers: chefs, of course, and activists, filmmakers, and a schoolgirl too. Their talks were inspiring for cooks, chefs, and eaters alike.



In This Issue

Conversations with Chefs


Over Easy

Genevieve Ko

The Imaginary Dinner

Daniel Patterson

The Specialists

Chris Ying, Tienlon Ho, and Chris Schonberger

The Heart of the Home Needs a Transplant

Laurie Woolever

Honest Trifles to Betray in Deepest Confidence

Peter Meehan

Life, and How It Happens to a Cook

Peter Meehan

Something Better, Something Different

Christine Muhlke

Amish Paradise

Mark Ibold


Amy Rowat
On the Trail With Wylie Lisa Hanawalt

Herring in Fur

Jonathan Gold

MAD/GUTS: Introduction

Chris Ying
The Human Gut Heribert Watzke
On Being Brave Martha Payne

Mad To Live

Gabriele Stabile

From Beirut with Love

Souk El Tayeb
The Mongol Diet Peter Meehan
A War Zone Cuisine Ahmed Jama