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Issue #3

Cooks & Chefs

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The Cooks and Chefs issue, the third installment of Lucky Peach, attempts to answer a few pressing questions.

What does it mean to be a cook in today’s age of celebrity chefdom? Where is cooking headed? How did the molten chocolate cake make its way from Michel Bras’s restaurant in Laguiole, France to the Wal-Mart freezer case? What happens, exactly, when bartenders spank mint? The answers arrive from all over the place: Mario Batali recalls the early days of Food Network; Meredith Erickson spends an afternoon with Fergus Henderson; Naomi Duguid visits street vendors in Chiang Mai. We talk to cooks from Fort Bragg to Paris to the South Pole. There are recipes for barbecue-chicken pizza, pasta primavera, Christina Tosi’s upside-down pineapple cake, and more.


In This Issue

From the Editors

Peter Meehan and Chris Ying

Chef Rant

Dave Chang, Sat Bains, Claude Bosi, and Daniel Patterson
Eat, Drink, Fuck, Die Anthony Bourdain

The South Pole Cook

Jason Grimm

Lek, Praiyuan, and Ram Juen

Naomi Duguid
Batali Beat Mario Batali

The Celebrity Distillation Apparatus

Chris Chechlin

Trickle Down

Christine Muhlke

The Lunch Lady

Julia Xiomara Alvarez Oweis

Mean Cuisine

Matt Furie

Tower of Power

Meredith Erickson

The Army Cook

Theresa Snow
Lespinasse Amanda Kludt

Should You Go To Culinary School?

Mark Wilson

True Stories

Andrea Petrini

The Un-Easter Egg

Tienlon Ho

This Time, It's Personal

Karen Leibowitz

The French Cook

Matthieu LeComte

Bien Manger

Jack Carneal

I See a Darkness

Dave Chang

Old Masters

Thomas Bernhard

The Dim Sum Cook

Peter Le

Body Map to Kitchen Injuries

Helen Hollyman

The Secret Lives of Chefs

Lisa Hanawalt