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Issue #16


In Lucky Peach’s sixteenth issue, Fantasy, we finally reveal our much-anticipated picks for “America’s Next Best Restaurants”—and better still, for readers who are disinclined to show their faces in public—we’ve scored the hottest recipes from these mythical eateries.

When you’re ready to retreat from the scorching sizzle of all that hot, buzzy news: Meg McCarron holds court on the history of food in fantasy literature and Laurie Woolever shares a personal essay from the dark side of the Yellow Brick Road. Tienlon Ho traveled to the steppes of Central Asia to bring back a story about yartsa gunbu, a mostly flavorless fungus-infested caterpillar that is hugely valuable on the black market and may or may not have magical healing properties. There’s also a heartfelt open letter from the Great Dane himself (René Redzepi) and another one of those crazy insightful and doubly delightful profiles of a chef by Rachel Khong, this time about the couple behind Hartwood, everybody’s favorite outdoor restaurant on a jungle road in Tulum.


In This Issue

The Lucky Peach Atlas

Padma Lakshmi & Peter Meehan

The Dirty Dish Club: Food Figments

Lisa Hanawalt
Bare Necessities Rachel Khong

Dining with the Stars

Marian Bull

Surreal Meal

Anthony Sasso

Fixed Food

Courtney Balestier, Derek Bothereau, Jennifer Billock, and Aaron Thier

Winter Storm, Summer Grass

Tienlon Hon
Will Whore for Food Scott Hocker

One Serving

Larissa Zimberoff

Dinner and a Show

Tove Danovich

The Unreachable Place

Michael Snyder


Meghan McCarron

American Dream

Naomi Harris

Everybody Knows This is Munchkin Land

Laurie Woolever

When We Ate Our Thoughts

Huan Hsu
Three Dishes: Fish Stew Nick Balla & Cortney Burns, Eric Ripert, and David Chang

The Pickle Index

Eli Horowitz