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Issue #14


This issue highlights both our obsessions, and those of true obsessives.

We’re obsessed with Tartine’s Chad Robertson, who shares about his obsessions with ovens and pizza; we learn to make gnocchi with Marco Canora, Mark Ladner, and David Chang. We go digging around in the past of chef Jeremy Fox, formerly of the Michelin-starred Ubuntu. We talk to a sake sommelier and a pizza burlesque dancer. Todd Kliman writes the story of his life in pork. We look into America’s love for playing Monopoly at McDonald’s; why West Virginia is for ranch dressing-lovers; and what James Bond ate.


In This Issue

The Lucky Peach Atlas

Dorie Greenspan and David Chang

Science Team 3000: The (Whole-Grain, Freshly Milled) Seeds of Change

Chris Ying

Cooks and Chefs Corner: Tatiana Levha in Conversation

Chris Ying, David Chang, and René Redzepi
Fantastic Mr. Fox Rachel Khong

Chocolate-Covered History

Sam Dean

Profiles in Obsession

Rachel Khong, Talia Ralph, Chris Ying, Scarlett Lindeman, Mark Ibold, and Gabe Ulla

Notes from a Grain Junkie

Naomi Duguid

That Oven Feelin'

Chad Robertson
Pizza Gut Chad Robertson

McCaviar Dreams and McChampagne Wishes

Jen Choi

Square Meals

Lazy Mom
Pork Life Todd Kliman

The Middle Box

Lee Ellis

Take Me to the Valley

Courtney Balestier
Three Dishes: Gnocchi Mark Ladner, Marco Canora, and David Chang

The Route

Joy Williams