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Issue #1


The inaugural issue of Lucky Peach is devoted to ramen.

Chang and Meehan eat their way through Tokyo. Harold McGee explores alkaline noodles and MSG. Ruth Reichl waxes poetic on instant noodles. Southern scholar John T. Edge covers ya ka mein, the New Orleans instant-ramen specialty, and Todd Kliman pens a seminal, centerpiece essay on the notion of authenticity in food.

In This Issue

Introducing Lucky Peach

The Editors

Things Were Eaten

Peter Meehan and Dave Chang

Tokyo Ramen Gods

Mike Houston
Ivan Ramen Ivan Orkin and Dave Chang

Seventh-Ward Ramen

John T. Edge

Mediocrity: A Conversation

Anthony Bourdain, Dave Chang, and Wylie Dufresne
Mankind Is Noodlekind Karen Leibowitz

Instant-Ramen Showdown

Ruth Reichl
Potato Chips With Oriental Dip Mark Ibold and Gabriele Stabile

The Problem of Authenticity

Todd Kliman

Bigger Than You

Matt Volz

The Egg Chart

Dave Arnold

The Gourmet Club

Jun'ichirō Tanizaki

Chopstick Humor

David Rees