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Issue #2

The Sweet Spot

Issue 2 is all about the Sweet Spot—that magical moment when fruit is at its peek (spoiler alert: highly subjective), when fish are murdered in just the right way, and when rot is delicious.

We learn about the microbiology of miso and dry-aged steaks, and of course we have recipes for actual sweets, like Christina Tosi’s Arnold Palmer Cake, and a couple foamy desserts from Ferran Adrià.

In This Issue

From the Editors

Peter Meehan and Chris Ying

Notes and Corrections

Vanessa Davis

More Things Were Eaten

Peter Meehan and Dave Chang

Pain Don't Hurt

Anthony Bourdain

The Glabrous Fruit of Samarkand

Adam Leith Gollner

The Ripeness and the Rot

Michael Ames

Total Massage

Celeste Byers

On Perfect Moments

Daniel Patterson

Expired to Perfection

Kevin Pang
The Microbiology of Miso Rachel Dutton and Ben Wolfe
Miso Horny Rachel Khong

Traditional Japanese Knives Are Not For Everyone

Mitchell Davis
Ike Jime Jon Heindemause and Yoshihiro Murata

Fruit Stickers

Brian McCullen

Harold McGee in Outré Space: On Dry-Aging

Harold McGee

My Beautiful Dry-Aged Steak


Home Sweet Home

Gary Panter

Foam Party

Dave Chang with Ferran Adrià

Recipe Testing

Vanessa Davis

The Neurobiological Sweet Spot

Geoffrey Montgomery

Two Selections from Dark Matters

Russell Chatham