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Pig in a Blanket Statement


This is the first installment in a new, weekly visual meditation from Lauren Garfinkel of Edible Government on the hatemongering circus peanut running for president of the United States.  

Donald Trump has a way with words. From Megyn Kelly (“bimbo”) to Elizabeth Warren (“Pocahontas”) to Judge Gonzalo Curiel, the U.S.-born federal judge overseeing a case against him (“He’s a Mexican. We’re building a wall between here and Mexico.”), there’s no situation he’s unwilling to minimize with hurtful, hateful, reductive blanket statements!

Are his statements “racist” like Speaker Paul Ryan says? Are they “beneath the dignity of a presidential candidate” like Fox News said they were?

You’d never know, because Ryan and so many other frustrated Republican officials are standing by their man, cozied up to him like buttermilk pancakes wrapped around breakfast sausages, waiting to bathe in the syrupy glow of the anointment of the delegates at the Republican National Convention this July.