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14 Ways To Eat Rice Right Now

Recipes for the life sustaining grain from around the world.


Rice is a staple ingredient that sustains much of the world’s population. It fills bellies and it is also versatile: a perfect bed for curries, meats, fermented vegetables, seafood, and endless other ingredients. It’s good savory and it’s good sweet—it can be fried, or steam, or boiled. Embracing the many ways that rice is delicious, here are a few ideas for how you can cook it tonight.

Sorrel Pesto Rice Bowl

The definitive grain bowl at Sqirl.

Thalassery Chicken Biryani

A regional take on biryani.

Rice Pudding

A lighter, coconut milk version.

Sweet Sticky Rice

Pok Pok serves their ice cream with this rice.

Lamb Biryani

No matter what, there was biryani and cucumber salad and crusty bread on Sunday afternoons.

Polo Shevid Baghali

Rice with dill and fava beans

Fried Rice with Conpoy and Egg White

Fried rice is not actually fried; good fried rice is fluffy and not oily.

Creole Seafood Jambalaya

In New Orleans, you don’t want jambalaya looking like Spanish rice.

Curd Rice

Of all South India's standard breakfast preparations, though, the simplest is probably curd rice: cooling, filling, cheap, quick, and delicious.

Hainan Chicken Rice

Pandan enhances the fragrance and sweetness of jasmine rice, and lemongrass adds needed brightness.

Jellyfish Yam Kao Tod (Crispy Rice Salad)

Yam, the sour, spicy, and crunchy Thai staple, is the ultimate beer food. You might need some extra beer to wash down the jellyfish in this yam, though.