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17 Instant Ramen Hacks

Pushing the possibilities of packaged noodles.

Some might argue that the entire point of packaged ramen is ease and thrift, but these recipes prove that you should be doing more with your bodega noodles and flavor packets. Some of the recipes simply suggest you add a slice of American cheese or a poached egg, and are easy ways to dress up your soup. Others allow you to push the possibilities of what ramen can do, and make elaborate and corrupt versions of Italian classics, or fried chicken, or nachos.

Ramen Carbonara

A little bit wrong, a whole lotta right.

Rotisserie Chicken Ramen

Ramen you can make on a weeknight.

Ramen Kugel

The sweet side of the ramen noodle.

Pesto Ramen

Delicious + delicious = delicious.

Ramen Kettle Corn

Even better than the stuff you get at the fair.

Instant Ramen Gnocchi Parisienne

A riff on a French riff on the fluffy, soft potato gnocchi of Italy. We think ramen dough can give pâte à choux a run for its money.

Ramen Fried Chicken

Fried noodles coating fried chicken + a shower of MSG and spice =a new dimension in flavor

Ramen Scallion Pancakes

Your favorite scallion pancake, now with your favorite instant noodles.

Ramen Cottage Pie

Swap those taters for noodles and embrace the magic.

Ramen Straciatella

Eggy broth is better broth.

Ramen Bloody Mary

Extra packet, extra umami.

Ramen Slaw

The full recipe.

American Cheese Ramen

You top your apple pie with American cheese, so in theory, why not your ramen?

Potato Chips & Ramen Dip

You can thank us later.

Poached Egg Ramen

No need to poach separately.

Ramen Nachos

When your favorite late-night foods meet.