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Three Savory Cookies from Dorie Greenspan

Blue cheese, salt and pepper, and togarashi cookies.

I come from a family of cookie lovers. I married into a cookie-loving family, and I created one of my own. Michael, my husband, will polish off a plate of cookies and proclaim, as though he’s Superman keeping the planet safe, “Done! That temptation’s out of the way!” Our son, Joshua’s, Twitter bio is: “C is for Cookie.” As for me, I’ve been known to get up in the middle of the night because I’ve invented a new cookie in my sleep. (Yes, I bake what I dream and sometimes it’s pretty great.)

I started my cookie stretch at Beurre & Sel, the cookie boutique Joshua and I had in New York City, making cookies that looked unlike any we’d seen before and crossing into the world of savory cookies, calling them cocktail cookies and designing them for grown ups.

I wondered if I could make a savory merigue—I could and did, and it’s hot and spicy and flavored with togarashi, the sweet-and-salty Japanese pepper mix. And, I wondered, if honey and Gorgonzola are so good together on a cheese plate, could they be just as good in a madeleine? Yes! And the combo is even better with champagne. Then there are the salt and pepper cookies, which have enough salt to make it unmissable, and coarsely ground black pepper. It’s a substantial, decidedly unconventional Christmas cookie.

This is excerpted from Dorie’s Cookies, by Dorie Greenspan. Copyright © 2016 Dorie Greenspan. Reprinted with permission from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.