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7 Comforting Holiday Breakfast Ideas

Because you need energy for opening presents.

sausage cinnamon rolls

As you get older, presents become less motivating, and you don’t feel that pull to get out of bed on Christmas morning that you once did. The spark of Christmas may get duller every year, but breakfast never, ever gets old. The smell of sausage-stuffed cinnamon rolls, bacon, and tomatoey baked eggs are sure to lure you from bed and maybe rekindle your childish wonder. Here are some ideas for what to make Christmas morning.

Sticky Buns

For hardcore fans of sweet breakfast pastries, this sticky, buttery bun is heaven.

Sausage Cinnamon Rolls

Take putting syrup on your sausage to the furthest possible conclusion.

Glazed Bacon

This recipe is a part of the Saratoga Club Sandwich, served at Parm—though it's also delicious on its own, or with eggs.

Baked Eggs

Italian baked eggs with chilies and tomato.

Slow-Candied Kabocha With Ricotta and Pistachios

A take on a dish made in homes everywhere from Latin America to Turkey.