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Eat Like Brad Pitt

Recipes from Fat Brad, a cookbook dedicated to the onscreen culinary adventures of Brad Pitt.

Brad Pitt is the pinnacle of all-American, Missouri-bred rugged good looks—which is to say that while everyone else in Missouri battles an obesity epidemic head-on, he’s got a six-pack. Thing is, the movie version of Brad Pitt eats some delicious stuff—stuff we can only assume the real Brad Pitt must forgo in the name of handsomeness. At Lucky Peach, we’d rather eat like characters in Brad Pitt’s movies than Brad Pitt himself (while continuing to complain that we don’t look like Greek heroes).

Enter Fat Brad, the anti-aspirational celebrity cookbook. Fred Mora and the guys at Long Prawn have compiled, in scrupulous scientific detail, all the cinematic eatings of Brad Pitt: Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Ocean’s 11, Troy, Fight Club, and more. It’s a ridiculous and worthy endeavor that includes recipes developed by chefs Ali Currey-Voumard and Mietta Coventry. We’ve excerpted some of them—from Moneyball, Troy, and Fight Club—for you here. Close your eyes, pretend Brad Pitt weighs 300 pounds, pull up a sturdy honorary chair for him at your kitchen table, and serve these recipes to your friends and family.

Boozy Jam Therapy Doughnuts

As eaten by Brad Pitt in Fight Club.

Roast Turkey Drumstick and Grecian Salad

Devour this ode to the 2004 film Troy as if you were devouring the body of Brad Pitt himself.

Spilt Mustard

Remember when Brad Pitt spilled mustard on his shirt in Moneyball? Here’s a mustard that you, too, can use to accessorize.