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Healthy Post-Super-Bowl Recipes

It's time to stop being gross.


It’s the time of year when the internet shames you into eating right. Here’s our obligatory roundup of healthyish, vegetable-centric recipes for all of your aspirational, be-the-best-you-you-can-be in 2017 needs. There are recipes from our cookbook, Power Vegetables, as well as offerings from places where people who are attractive eat, like Sqirl and Gjusta.

Sweet and Salty Tahini Crunch Greens

A recipe that you can adapt seasonally.

Cauliflower Chaat

A not-actually-very-Indian-at-all dish.

Turmeric Tonic

Inflammation is the devil.

Arab or Israeli Salad

Toss it with a pita and some sumac, and you've got a fattoush salad.

Bloomsdale Spinach Salad with Honey-Garlic Dressing, Feta, & Pine Nuts

This heirloom variety of spinach makes a brilliant bed for more substantial garnishes, like olives and feta.

Roasted Vegetable Medley with Yogurt Dressing

A roasted vegetable dish that's worthy of a special occasion.

Roasted Mole Brussels Sprouts Quinoa Bowl

A home recipe from Bricia Lopez of Guelaguetza.

Fergus Salad

One of the best salads of all time.

Sorrel Pesto Rice Bowl

The definitive grain bowl at Sqirl.

Stewed Tomatoes

The simplest tomato recipe.

Yellow Mole with Grilled Fennel and Portobello Mushroom

All cultures leave room for blow-off-the-top feasts.

Kale Salad Dressing

To be served over kale, duh.

Ritu’s Grated Carrot Salad

So good, there will rarely be leftovers.