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There’s more than one way to rot a cabbage.

Peer pressure and the Internet have left you with an itch to ferment vegetables. We get it. Here’s a roundup of all of our kimchi offerings. We’ve got three Momofuku recipes; one from our first cookbook, 101 Easy Asian Recipes; and the requisite mom-approved solution. A couple of the recipes mimic the flavor but skip the slow march to fermentation, while others award authenticity and patience.

Soy Sauce Kimchi

A make-ahead salad with kimchi flavors.

Kimjang Kimchi

When my mom, Sunny Kim, was growing up in the fifties and sixties, on a farm in Buan, South Korea, her family put up hundreds of cabbages for the winter using the kimjang kimchi process. Women in the community would gather around outside and sing Korean folk songs like “Arirang” while preparing hundreds of cabbages meant to last the entire winter without refrigeration. The kimchi…

Cucumber Kimchi (aka Oi Kimchi)

A summer recipe destined to top a hot dog.

White Kimchi

It's even better if you have an underground pit to ferment it in. If not, a jar in the fridge will work too.

Paechu Kimchi

An Asian cabbage salad left to sit and rot: the one and only classic.